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Youth Livelihoods Programme

Magic Bus’ youth-centered Livelihoods Programme connects the aspirations and potential of young people to available market opportunities. We build their employability skills and map job potential based on individual strengths and mobility.

Magic Bus Livelihoods programme meets youth’s diverse leadership, employment, and training needs and fills critical gaps in the current value chain. We attempt to ensure young people from marginalized communities have the employability skills and knowledge that prepares them for the world of work.

Magic Bus provides:

  • Activity-based learning input during youth’s journey into work or education to engage, challenge and inspire individuals through experiential learning.
  • High-quality Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG), career counseling and personal needs assessment that enables a young person to understand their options and identify their career goals and associated pathways.
  • One-to-one mentoring across the whole journey that ensures risks of drop out are quickly identified and mitigated.
  • Employability, Leadership and Life Skills training customised to the demands of the job market
  • Magic Bus-led partnerships with vocational training providers and other skills training experts offering the most diverse training menu possible to young people in each locality.
  • Pre and post placement support for young people while working in close partnership with employers to achieve effective job matching and sustained placements beyond six months.

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For more information on our Livelihoods programme, write to Dip Chakraborty, Director, Programme Development at [email protected] or Havovi Wadia, Director, Impacts at [email protected]