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About Delhi

The capital city of India, Delhi resides between the two states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. With a documented population of 16.8 million people, Delhi experienced an inflow of migrant population by 0.61 lakh in the year 2013.
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Magic Bus has its intervention in the slums pockets in Delhi, also being one of the largest programs in Delhi. It has been conducting sessions and events with the most marginalized populations of Delhi over the past one year, the figures below give details about the impact of the same.

Programme Inputs

The Magic Bus programme reached out to 49746 across several slums of Delhi. The Magic Bus childhood to livelihood programme ensures that the children are engaged in a 7 year journey, and this multiyear engagement is necessary in breaking the poverty cycle.


1. Education

Almost all the children in the Magic Bus programme are enrolled in school as observed.
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2. Gender

A total of 97.26% children in the Magic Bus programme believe that girls should pursue their higher education. According to the figure below, none of the girls in the Magic Bus programme are married below the legal age.
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                                                            Child Brides (%)