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Ride To Raise

Magic Bus is proud to partner with India Bike Week for Ride to Raise, an initiative aimed at raising funding to help children living in poverty grow up well and into a poverty-free future.

How do I become a part of Ride to Raise?

Register on India Bike Week as a Biker. Then, pledge an amount your friends and family will donate as you ride your bike to Goa. To make sure you’re serious about it, we’ll ask you to donate a minimum amount of Rs. 400. Once you have done that, we will send you a code that you can spread across the internet asking for contributions.

So I've pledged money & ridden to Goa. What happens next?

Once you make it to Goa for India Bike Week on your Ride to Raise pledge, you'll ride in the Celebration Parade through the Festival on Sunday afternoon. AND if you're one of the ten Riders that raised the most money for Magic Bus, we'll not just give you your IBW ticket free, we'll get you up on the Main Stage and thank you ourselves.

Donate Now

Donate a minimum of Rs 400 to receive your personalized fundraising link