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About Magic Bus
About Us

Magic Bus works with children and young people taking them on a journey from Childhood to Livelihood and out of poverty

By enabling children to complete secondary education, delay their age of marriage, and skilling young people to be in jobs, we are helping move a generation out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Founded by Matthew Spacie in 1999, Magic Bus equips children and young people in the age group of 12 to 18, with the skills and knowledge they need, to grow up and move out of poverty. This takes them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods. Since its inception, Magic Bus has transformed the lives of one million children and young people, helping them move out of poverty.

In the current year, 400,000 children are on this journey of moving out of poverty in 24 States-&-UT and 80 districts of India.

There are now 5,500 young leaders, from the community who have been trained to mentor and deliver the sports activity-based sessions to children across 930 schools. Through 81 Livelihood centres across the country, 1.5 Lac young people have been trained and 70%+ placed in jobs in the organised sector so far. Magic Bus also works in Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

We work with children and young people’s ecosystems – their parents, peers, community, and local institutions to ensure they act as a network of support and encouragement to move a person out of poverty.

The programme ensures all children:

  • Complete secondary education
  • Delay their age of marriage
  • Young people have the right skills
    to be gainfully employed

Click here to watch how a typical Magic Bus session works.

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children and young people’s journey
from Childhood to Livelihood.

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