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Education Programme

Complex Problems.
Simple Solution.

India accounts for the largest number of children living below the poverty line. And this causes ripple effects.

  • 40% children drop out by class 8.

  • 30% girls are forced into marriage even before they turn 18.

  • 5% of the country's workforce has undergone formal training.

So what’s the solution?

We teach children life skills in the way they understand through our award-winning activity based curriculum. These sessions encourage children to complete secondary education.
The life skill education helps them overcome every hurdle that comes in the way.

Childhood to Livelihood

For 20 years Magic Bus has been working with more than 1 million children and 35,000 young people living in the poorest communities of India. Through the Childhood To Livelihood approach , we show them a way to break-free from the vicious cycle of poverty.

You Ask How?

Magic Bus works with children by teaching them life skills that enable a successful transition from childhood full of challenges to meaningful livelihood. Life Skill Education consists of teamwork, problem-solving, learning to learn, managing self and communication which enables an individual to become resilient. Given below are the key components of the programme:

  • Education Enhancement that improves their basic literacy, numeracy and their overall grades in school.

  • Community Connect engages with parents, the whole community and ensures support to their children’s aspiration. This transforms not just a child but an entire community. Thus helping children to complete formal education without any disruption.

  • Employability Skills Education includes spoken English, f inancial literacy, digital literacy and career counselling. This empowers an individual to find out their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Livelihood Connect involves sector specific training in Retail , IT , BFSI , E-Commerce . We connect trained individuals to demand of employers. Thus not only helping young people with placements but also assisting them with post-placements support.

Magic Bus Education Programme

Magic Bus Education programme attempts to enable first generation adolescent learners from marginalised families, to complete their formal education, with high levels of self-reliance and self-efficacy. This will ensure that these young people will go on to complete higher studies or opt for vocational skilling, preparing them for employment in the organised sector.

There are four key components of the Magic Bus Education programme:

  • Activity-based life skills sessions where adolescents learn the crucial skills of communication, problem solving, learning to learn and managing self.
  • Academic support module to improve their interest and confidence of learning through safe, joyful and inclusive learning spaces.
  • Work Readiness curriculum where adolescents learn skill sets like financial literacy, career awareness, digital citizenship, and knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health.
  • Community Connect engages with the child’s ecosystem – parents, school teachers, local authorities to ensure support for each child’s aspirations.

Further breaking down our goal to keep every child in school till Class 12, here are our complete set of outcomes:

    School participation

  • Improved school regularity

  • Improved educational aspiration (post 12th standard)

  • Reduced drop out from school

    Capacities to deal with transition and change

  • Improved perceived self-efficacy

  • Improved resillience

  • Improved self-management and decision making skills

  • Improved problem solving skills

    Positive gender attitude and perceptions

  • Improved positive gender attitude

  • Improved demonstration of roles and behaviours that challenge gender stereotype

  • Parents supporting children's academic aspirations


  • Improved classroom participation

  • Improved confidence in academics

  • Childen having study corner at home

  • Increased time spent on studying at home

    Understanding of career choices

  • Awareness of different career options

  • Improved awareness on financial literacy

  • Awareness about different saving mechanism

  • Adolescents having bank account

    Activated school management committees

  • Regularisation of School Management Committee (SMC ) meetings

  • Actions taken related to Right to Education (RTE) adherence and education quality in a year

Our Impact

Completion of school

40% girls drop out of school by class 8 (age 14)

Magic Bus

Less than 5% girls drop out of school by class 8 (age 14)

Delayed age of Marriage

70% girls do not get married before the age of 18

Magic Bus

95% girls on our programme do not get married before the age of 18

Get dignified Job
70% success rate for job placement

Boys 57%

Girls 43%

Our Outreach

1 million children and 35,000 young people impacted since 1999.

Placed 70% young people in jobs in organised sector , career-based training or self-employed with an average salary of INR 10,287 GBP 114.5

In summary, this is why you can consider supporting the Magic Bus programme:


Community participation and ownership


Low cost, technology enabled, tested curriculum across geographies

Strong Governance

Internal controls, third party programmatic and financial audits, outcome reporting

High Visibility

Co-Branding opportunities, Media Presence

High Engagement

Employee Volunteering, Joint Desk and Field Reviews

You can support
children and young people’s journey
from Childhood to Livelihood.

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