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The Zeal to Excel
The Zeal to Excel

Johar and his family of seven members—including his paternal uncle—live in a make-shift tin shanty. He is the oldest among his siblings. His father and uncle are both carpenters and his mother is a housewife. The average family monthly income is between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10000 ($118.8 to $147.8). Both is parents are school drop-outs (father is a Class 8 drop-out and mother dropped out in Class 5).

In 2011, Johar joined the Magic Bus programme and also got his three younger siblings enrolled. He got interested in the programme as it gave the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities and learn through interactive activities. There, he honed his interests in wrestling and kabaddi and went on to win awards at the zonal level competitions in both these sports. He also plays football for his school team and has brought laurels in inter-school football tournaments.

Academically, Johar is in Standard 9 and is appreciated by the Magic Bus TMO (Training and Monitoring Officer) for his hard work and sincerity. For Johar this appreciation and encouragement from his TMO constitutes one of the best memories associated with Magic Bus.

Magic Bus has transformed Johar in many ways. He has now become more punctual. His interest in sports has increased and proudly expressed that. The activity based learning approach of the Magic Bus programme has strengthened his inclination towards education. He is quite motivated by the encouragement received from the Magic Bus staff, and aspires to serve his nation.

We wish Johar all the best for his future endeavors.