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Walking Towards a Brighter Future
Walking Towards a Brighter Future

Salman Sheikh is a young boy in class 7, having a problem of a small foot. This made him extremely self-conscious and non-participatory in play activities, despite being quite interested and intelligent in his studies. He also faced a lot of peer pressure wherein, he used to be bullied for his small foot problem.

He along with his four siblings, and parents are economically sustained, through a moving and makeshift, multi-purpose store. His father has completed his Class tenth and his mother is a seventh-grade drop out.

In 2014, during a Magic Bus mobilization event, Salman enrolled in the Magic Bus programme. Initially he was very hesitant regarding Magic Bus as to how it would be. But after a couple of sessions he saw that senior children and those his own age who never allowed him to play due to his small foot, were now also including him play. This encouraged Salman to start running and practicing despite his foot problem. He now plays kabaddi too and handles pressure in play quite well. After Magic Bus sessions, he started participating in expressing himself positively and frankly. Salman has come a long way since then, he has even participated in multi role drama performed by a single person. Besides drama, Salman enjoys playing football.  

Salman is very positive about Magic Bus sessions, and has managed to overcome his lack of confidence about his small foot.  His parents’ to remark, “Earlier he was hesitant to play with other children, but now he has not only started getting involved but also plays quite well with other kids”.

A very smart and hardworking child, he aspires to become a doctor, as he loves the idea of how helpful doctors are, and the hard work they put behind in saving someone’s life.

Magic Bus wishes Salman a world where he can confidently walk with his head high, without any apprehensions.