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The Unstoppables: Bringing Relief to Bhiwandi

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Meet Gayatri and her team from Magic Bus who brought relief materials to families in need in Bhiwandi, on the outskirts of Mumbai.

"There aren’t as many coronavirus cases in our village. But almost all those who would go to work in Bhiwandi town (15-20 kms away) and Mumbai (33.5kms from Bhiwandi town) have lost their jobs. There are families of single mothers with young children, aged couples who have no source of income, and tribal families who don’t own any land and do not grow their own food – these families have been affected the most," says Gayatri, Project Coordinator of Magic Bus for the last two years.  In Bhiwandi, Novateur Electrical & Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. Project Legrand supported the initiative to provide ration kits to 387 families. Gayatri led the project.

"Despite not having as many coronavirus cases in this locality, there is always fear of contracting the infection. We went through rigorous training in Magic Bus to protect ourselves. We followed what we learnt to the last letter," she says. But even before the distribution began, Gayatri and her team went door-to-door to identify families most in need. "Our villages are largely agricultural so a lot of families grow their own food. We enlisted those families without any stable source of income. We took the help of the Gram Panchayat to make list of families below the poverty line," she explained.

Between 22nd and 25th of April, Gayatri and her team of 9 members, Manali, Kalyani, Chetan, Prachi, Pallavi, Sagar, Swapna, and Mayuri went from door to door to distribute two food kits that would last for two weeks. They followed the safety protocol, covering their nose and mouth with masks and hands with gloves. Gayatri mentions how supportive each of their families have been.

These were long days under the scorching sun and dusty lanes of Bhiwandi. But each time they dropped off the food kit at a house, they would be refreshed by the look of relief that spread across the faces of the family members. "It is hard but rewarding," says Gayatri.

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