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The Skill India Mission was launched by the Central Government in 2015. The core objective was to provide youth with adequate training on market-relevant skills, which will enable them to launch a successful job. Magic Bus India Foundation launched its first livelihood skilling centre in 2015, and since then, we have skilled more than 1 lakh young people.

Unlike the last century, where inventions took a lot of time to reach out to the public, today innovation is implemented in real-time. With the emergence of tech-based spaces, an increasing number of businesses and organisations are adapting to new-age technology. As a result, the demand for new-age professionals is also rising.

India is considered a knowledge-based economy which has been making constant efforts to enhance its educational scenario. To meet the rising demand for a highly skilled workforce, Magic Bus joined hands with the global cloud computing leader, Amazon Web Services (AWS). The collaboration will allow Magic Bus to acquire AWS’s curriculum to train our youth with the industry-specific knowledge required for cloud computing. This will ensure that the working population of India is dynamic, adaptable and future-ready.

Cloud computing is a technology that allows the user to avail of on-demand services of computer system resources such as cloud storage and computing power without direct active management. To perform this function, one must acquire a specific skill set.

AWS re/Start is a full-time, free, in-person programme for youth belonging to underserved communities, to prepare them for entry-level cloud-based jobs. This 12 weeks-long programme will focus on professional skills such as adaptive communication, time management, resume building, and interviewing to prepare for employer meetings and interviews. The programme participants will learn cloud computing skills and prepare for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification with free access to practice and full exams.

In addition to tech skills, this programme will impart essential behaviour and mind-set skills to the programme participants. This will help them build strong sustainable employability and adaptability skills.

Effective Communication: Communication is the key to learning, voicing out one’s thoughts. In every aspect of their lives, especially in a job, communicating effectively and clearly is essential.

Problem Solving: This will aid in improving analytical skills and coming up with solutions faster. Being able to think logically is an essential skill set in a fast-paced work environment.

Teamwork: Many people often prefer working alone. But when it comes to sharing the load, coming up with multiple ideas or solutions at the same time, a team can do wonders.

Time Management: Producing better work with less stress, improving performance, meeting deadlines, and planning tasks ahead of time; everything is possible with effective time management.

At Magic Bus we aim to build a robust industry skilling programme to mitigate the risk of unemployment and poverty. We are sure this collaboration will open a metaverse of opportunities for our programme participants.

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