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Sofya and Reyna’s Magical Birthday
Life Skills: A Key to Women’s Empowerment

Birthdays come with such joy and happiness – all your loved ones gathered around that scrumptious cake to celebrate you! It also comes with the inevitable question – What gift would you like for your birthday?

Many of us would jump at this question with a long list of items but one of our longest supporters, Kavita Mehta’s daughters’ Sofya and Reyna had a simple and heartwarming answer. They wanted to help children living in extreme poverty get an opportunity to live a better life.

They chose to forego gifts and requested their friends and family to pledge support for Magic Bus through AllButCake instead and helped us raise funds to move children out of poverty.

Their mother Kavita Mehta said, “When we were finalising plans for the girls’ 10th birthday celebrations, the girls were clear that, instead of getting and receiving gifts, many of which would remain unused, they would rather give to an organization that could use the funds to do good. Since we had celebrated their older sister’s 10th birthday at the Magic Bus Centre at Karjat three years earlier, they thought this time we could donate funds to the NGO.”

She also added, “While our donation is only a drop in the bucket, we hope that Magic Bus can use it to extend their fabulous, life-changing programs to reach more young people.”

We are delighted to have been a part of Sofya and Reyna’s birthday. On behalf of our children, we thank Sofya and Reyna.

Inspired by this story? You can pledge your birthday too – Just head to AllButCake.