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What is it like to be a Magic Bus volunteer?

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In all our sessions, one can hear children calling out for "bhaiya" and "didi", their faces beaming with joy. We like to call these young boys and girls Community Youth Leaders, they are volunteers who are trained by Magic Bus to deliver the programme in their own communities.

This photo story, shot by our own staff members, is a window into the life one such volunteer. Lets meet Seenaiah from Chinna Varaval village of Andhra Pradesh.

Seenaiah is one of Magic Bus' 9000 volunteers, delivering the programme to around 400,000 children.

Seenaiah joined Magic Bus as a volunteer in 2011. His village is so remote it gets cut off from the rest if the world every monsoon. He still found the inspiration to become the first post-graduate from his village. His parents Narasayya and Narasamma are proud of his achievement.

Chinna Varaval, where Seenaiah lives, is a small village in the Ranga Reddy district of Andhra Pradesh. There is just one school here, with 200 children in it. Going to college is a big struggle for children and youth living in this remote village.

Over the years, Seenaiah has become one of the most dedicated volunteers in the region.

Seenaiah has become a strong supporter for others in his village who want to study more. Today, his village, Chinna Varaval, boasts of over 30 young graduates who have chosen careers ranging from the Indian Army, the Police Force, to being executive members of Self Help Groups.

At Magic Bus' request, Seenaiah now trains other volunteers on how to be a changemaker.