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Buy One - Give Light Program

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Help MPOWERD tackle Energy Poverty and purchase a Luci light for someone in need through Magic Bus.

MPOWERD is committed to giving light to the people who need it most. They do this by encouraging customers to purchase a Luci light at a discounted rate and choose an NGO Partner to distribute it to communities in need. Magic Bus is one of these NGO Partners.

The lanterns, named Luci, provide a unique renewable-energy solution for the nearly 1.6 billion people living in energy poverty around the world. For those living off the grid, everyday challenges can have devastating consequences. Women spend precious time collecting fuel when they could be earning an income. Children cannot study inside after the sun goes down, and indoor air pollution from burning fuel substantially increases the incidence of cancer, tuberculosis and pneumonia.

Luci can provide these families with safe, clean and reliable lighting for up to 12 hours after just 5-6 hours of charging in the sun.

Making a difference to communities in India that suffer from energy poverty is easy.



1. Click on Add to Cart and select the number of lanterns
2. Choose Magic Bus from the drop down menu
3. Complete your purchase and Give Light!


“Energy is the thread that connects economic growth, increased social equity and sustainability. But, widespread energy poverty still condemns billions to darkness, ill health and missed opportunities for education and prosperity.” – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon