Block C, Mangolpuri
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Block C, Mangolpuri

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Magic Bus' work in this community is made possible with the support of our donor, Sangita Sarin.

Thank you Sangita!

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Block-C, Mangolpuri (in North-West Block, North-West Delhi District)is a small resettlement community. It is over 22 years old and inhabited by migrants from other states of the country.

Employment opportunities in Mangolpuri are limited, and most men are engaged in manual, daily-wage labour. The women in this community support their families by working as domestic maids in nearby houses. Many children also work as rag-pickers.

The young boys in Mangolpuri live without a sense of working towards a better future, and many of them indulge in illegal activities. The boys' behaviour does not make it conducive for girls to come out in the open, share the playground with them, and play.

"Children here are slowly learning what childhood is all about that that is my biggest success in this area," says Avik Swarnakar, Magic Bus' State Lead in Mangolpuri.

In other important news, Magic Bus launched an ambitious management information system (MIS) that is a web-based database that will help track the progress made by each child in the programme. The MIS system is sponsored by a donor organization, Laureus and will, once operational, enable us to pull out information on the 137 child development indicators we are tracking to see if and how the Magic Bus programme is creating impact on the ground.

Magic Bus also launched, for the first time, an Impact page on it’s website, to make sure our donors and supporters can check out the value they are helping to create at the click of a button. Some highlights:

Areas of behaviour change addressed: Magic Bus volunteers and mentors have delivered key messages like:

  • Reading and writing are equally important for boys and girls
  • It is important to attend school every day
  • It is okay for boys and girls to play and work together; and
  • It is very important for a child to be free from diseases like Jaundice and Hepatitis B.

With your support, Magic Bus is able to:

  1. Hold 40 sessions (each lasting for 2 hours) in a year,
  2. Provide a full set of playing equipment including footballs, handballs, cones and markers,
  3. Train the volunteer coaches (Community Youth Leaders) in the Sport for Development curriculum, and
  4. Develop a Youth Mentor to monitor the Mangolpuri village programmeover the entire year.

At sessions which last for two hours and are divided into three parts, Magic Bus interacts with children using the following structure:

  • Warm up: the development goal is introduced using interactive methods. 
  • Main activity: the development goal is reinforced through sports and activities. 
  • Review: A discussion is facilitated is facilitated to draw real life parallels and sum up the learning activities. 

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