Block F/2, Mangolpuri
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Block F/2, Mangolpuri

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Magic Bus' work in this community is made possible with the support of our donor, Sangita Sarin.

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About Delhi

Mangolpuri in the North-West Block of the North-West Delhi District is a small resettlement community. It is over two decades old and is home to people who were working as subsistence farming back in their home states.

The employment opportunities in Mangolpuri are limited and most men are engaged in manual, daily wage labour. The women in this community support their families by working as domestic maids in nearby houses. Many children also work as rag pickers.

Because of the limited opportunities available for learning and growth, petty crime is rampant among adolescents in the area.

In April 2005, the director of UN HABITAT stated that the global community was falling short of the Millennium Development Goals, which targeted significant improvements for slum dwellers and an additional 50 million people have been added to the slums of the world in the past two years.

Magic Bus work focuses on creating employment-ready youth, so that the children growing up in this area can find ways of moving out of poverty by the time they finish with school.

At sessions which last for two hours and are divided into three parts, Magic Bus interacts with children using the following structure:

  • Warm up: The development goal is introduced using interactive activities
  • Main activity: The development goal is reinforced using sports and activities
  • Review: A discussion is facilitated to draw parallels to real-life situations and sum up the learning objectives.

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