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Dilshad Garden

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Magic Bus' work in this community is made possible with the support of our donor, Rob Pendergrast.

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About Delhi

Also called DG by residents, Dilshad Garden is a large housing colony in East Delhi. Over several years, Dilshad Garden has evolved and is now considered one of the best housing colonies developed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA).

The area is divided into several blocks and is densely populated with people from all income groups, castes and religions. Despite differences there is a communal harmony among the people. Most residents of Dilshad Garden are small-time business owners. 

The locality has basic amenities such as water and drainage, and while maintenance is sometimes irregular, residents have little reason to complain.

"The best game during Magic Bus sessions is shoot the target", says Suhail "Through the game, I have found a target for myself: to do better in studies and be something important in life." He studies in the eighth standard of a government school in Dilshad Garden.

Since the one-and-half year of joining Magic Bus, Suhail claims that he has become much more regular and attentive at school. Earlier he would bunk classes and not pay attention during lessons. It's as if he has found a new found direction in life. A target!

Suhail believes that underneath the fun and games that Magic Bus brings in the life of children there are certain very important lessons. Like learning to value education, learning the fact that girls and boys are equal, and also breaking myths related to a lot of issues that a growing up adolescent faces.

"With each passing session, we're learning something new. It is quite wonderful to see the [positive behavioral transitions among my peers." Suhail signs off.

Sessions are conducted in the mornings and evenings and are divided into three parts:

  • Warm up: the development goal is introduced using interactive methods. 
  • Main activity: the development goal is reinforced through sports and activities. 
  • Review: A discussion is facilitated is facilitated to draw real life parallels and sum up the learning activities. 

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