Gas Plant, Madanpur Khadar
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Gas Plant, Madanpur Khadar

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Madanpur Khadar is a village that is the original area for what is now more popular as Sarita Vihar. Most of this village remained involved in subsistence farming for decades, but are now being forced into other low-paid work. The lands around Madanpur Khadar are now being sold off as prime property and those dependant on those lands moving into shantytowns like the JJ Colony here. 

“Shaleen is a good example of how the impact areas can bring about a change in the thinking of the family. Her brother joined Magic Bus and tried to bring his sister to the sessions but faced straight rejections from his parents. But he never gave up. He then invited the Magic Bus staffers and volunteers to his house to speak to his parents. But that too didn’t work. He then invited his parents to the parents’ meeting where they met other parents from the community and mutually agreed to try and send their girl children to play. Put it was just talk than action. He kept coaxing his parents to let her sister attend the sessions for weeks and ultimately they gave in and allowed Shaleen to be part of the session. Shaleen soon proved to be a leader. She started to bring in more and more girl participation,” says Arvind, the Magic Bus staffer in charge of the work here.

Areas of behaviour change addressed: Magic Bus volunteers and mentors have delivered key messages like:

  • Reading and writing are equally important for boys and girls
  • It is important to attend school every day
  • It is okay for boys and girls to play and work together; and
  • It is very important for a child to be free from diseases like Jaundice and Hepatitis B.

With your support, Magic Bus is able to:

  1. Hold 40 sessions (each lasting for 2 hours) in a year,
  2. Provide a full set of playing equipment including footballs, handballs, cones and markers
  3. Train the volunteer coaches (Community Youth Leaders) in the Sport for Development curriculum, and
  4. Develop a Youth Mentor to monitor the Mangolpuri village programme over the entire year.

Magic Bus interacts with children during sessions that last for two hours and are divided into three parts:

  • Warm up: the development goal is introduced using interactive methods. 
  • Main activity: the development goal is reinforced through sports and activities. 
  • Review: A discussion is facilitated is facilitated to draw real life parallels and sum up the learning activities. 

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