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Kusumpur Pahadi is a 30-year-old community that has remained an 'illegal' settlement all these years, which means that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi does not maintain or support it. This results in the water supply, drainage system and other basics amenities not being made available to people in this community.  

One of the biggest complaints people living here have are the lack of toilets. Given that most of them work in or near homes or offices that function with all these basic amenities, they are culturally aware of the dangers and the lack of dignity associated with open defecation. 

Magic Bus started the programme here more than two and a half years ago which is now overseen by our Training and Monitoring Officer (TMO) Ruturaj and Youth Mentor (YM) Sujata. There are 50 children attending the sessions.

Ruturaj shares that Sujata, who is now a Magic Bus employee, is his greatest story so far. “She was not shy, but lacked an opportunity to get out of the house and prove herself. It was one of her friends who introduced her to Magic Bus, but she had to convince her parents to let her join us. Eventually, Sujata got trained in the Sport for Development curriculum and soon became a role model for other girl children from the neighbourhood. She is now a renowned name in her community.”


The sessions at Kusumpur Pahadi largely focuses on delivering key messages around hygienic and healthy habits, the importance of going to school and that of gender equity.

Like in our other areas, our work in Kusumpur Pahadi also begins with a child who has just reached school-going age and will continue until they are 18 and ready to move into the world of livelihood. The Magic Bus sessions and off-the-field work with parents and community members is designed so that each child is able to:

  1. Know his/her choices in relation to education, health, hygiene, play and livelihood
  2. Recognise the reasons for the exercise of particular choices in these domains
  3. Actively structure his/her own attitudes based on the information learned
  4. Constructively work with him/herself to change behaviour where necessary

At sessions, which last for two hours and are divided into three parts, Magic Bus interacts with children using the following structure:

  • Warm up: The development goal is introduced using interactive activities
  • Main activity: The development goal is reinforced using sports and activities
  • Review: A discussion is facilitated to draw parallels to real-life situations and sum up the learning objectives.

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