Nand Nagri, Block A
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Nand Nagri, Block A

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Magic Bus' work in the community is made possible by the support of our donor, Rohit Khanna.

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With 2500 households, Block A - Nand Nagri is a section of a larger community located in the eastern side of Delhi, India.

Unlike other communities around it, Block A - Nand Nagri has access to all the basic necessities. However, the biggest problem here is the lack of awareness among parents about children's rights. There is also a larger number of dropouts among youth pursuing higher education. Youth in the locality are more likely to drop out after the secondary examination and take up jobs that paid them less. Instances of substance abuse among children and youth was found to be a disturbing feature of this community.

Magic Bus started working in this community from April 2014 with 98 children (54 boys and 44 girls).

Tanisha loved to play but her health would not support her.

She was also extremely shy and would not interact with others in her group when she joined Magic Bus, a year ago. Her parents were worried about her health. They shared that she would not take a full meal which was the major reason behind her frequent illnesses.

In a few months of her coming to Magic Bus sessions, her parents observed a change in her behaviour. Tanisha had started taking care of her food habits and would insist on extra helpings! She had also gained in strength and proved to be a competent player during the sessions. She emerged as a star player during one of the Magic Bus Football match held at Ambedkar stadium.

Later in that year, she and her parents were interviewed by a team from Norwegian Broadcasting Company. Tanisha became an inspiration for the other girls in her locality to live a healthy and active life.

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