Youth Skilling Programme
Youth Skilling Programme Youth Skilling Programme

About the Programme

The Magic Bus Youth Livelihood Skilling programme offers undergraduate youth training in 21st century life and employability skills that prepare them to enter the formal workforce. Through various hands-on group and individual activities, we foster peer to peer learning, encourage collaboration, improve communication and elevate confidence. We impart core skills like Communicative English and mentor youth in order to prepare them to tackle job interviews and navigate the job market with ease. Post completing the 2 months skilling programme, we connect youth to entry-level grey-collar jobs.

8 Weeks

Offline &
Online Sessions

Life &
Employability Skills

Programme Structure












Post-placement Support

Programme Components




CRM, IT Helpdesk Assistant, Data Entry, etc.


Sales Associate, Loan Processing Officer, etc.

Retail & E-Commerce

Sales Associate, Customer Service, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

18 to 25

NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)

Standard Pass

Annual Family Income Not Exceeding 1.2 Lakh/Annum

Strategic Partnerships

Skill Impact Bond Programme
The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) launched the Skill Impact Bond (SIB) in 2022 and Magic Bus was selected one of the first NGOs and implementation partners. A first in India in the skilling space, this programme model will drive innovations in programme interventions and performance management systems. It will identify capable models in solving the challenges in the skilling ecosystem and bring a focus on aligning various outcomes. The project addresses a few key challenges which India faces today namely, skilling the huge population of youth, connecting them with sustainable jobs and improving the participation rate of women in the country which stands below 20% nationally.
Get Into Programme
Get Into is a sector-specific employability prorgamme delivered by Magic Bus India Foundation in partnership with Prince’s Trust International. The programme is developed with employer partners in order to close the skill-gap they are experiencing by skilling young people to Get Into jobs within their sector. The programme consists of like skills and employability skills training, sector-specific training, on-the-job training, job placement and post-placement support.
Future - X Programme
FutureX is an innovative programme built for imparting life and employability skills to youth from underserved communities by leveraging technology. The programme, consists of in-person life skills and digital literacy sessions and virtual spoken English classes, with a collaborative and peer-learning approach. This programme is a strategic partnership between Magic Bus and Michael Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) to explore new pathways to reach out to more youth. MSDF invests in education, financial services, jobs, and livelihoods to give India’s urban poor more opportunities for success.

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