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Career Opportunities

At Magic Bus, we are supporting some of the most marginalized children and youth in India to lift themselves out of poverty. We are looking for talented and driven individuals to help us deliver a long-term, sustainable and bold strategy aiming to reach a million children across India. If you want to be part of Asia's largest mentoring organisation and work towards making a significant difference to people living in poverty, then please look through our vacancies below.

If you think you might be suitable or know someone who is, please click https://hrms.magicbus.org/candidate.

Senior Manager - Academics

Department: Programme Development
Location: Mumbai
No. of Positions: 1

The role requires the person to lead the learning enhancement vertical in the programme development team to establish organisation’s ability to improve the academic learning levels of our beneficiaries (students).

Major Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with partners to develop content for the remedial learning programs for upper primary, secondary and higher secondary school students, as required. 
  • Manage the delivery cost and innovate ways of bringing the per child delivery cost down. 
  • Develop plans for implementing remedial learning programmes. 
  • Develop plans for monitoring the implementation and quality of remedial programmes. 
  • Train the programme implementation teams on programme delivery and work with the teams for regular support. 
  • Integrate the use of technology in a remedial programme for students. 
  • Create and monitor the teacher interaction plan. 
  • Use technology for tracking programme delivery, assessing learning levels and training the implementation teams. 
  • Collaborate with training partners to build the capacity of the academic delivery agents and supervisors. 
  • Conduct regular research for further enhancement of the curriculum on a regular basis. 
  • Visit field locations to carry out quality audits for the programmes. 

Skills Required

  • Master’s degree in Management / Social Sciences / General Sciences / Education · 
  • The incumbent should have diploma/certification in Education and/or L&D if the Master’s degree is not in those fields 
  • 7 to 8 years in the education sector out of which 5 years must have been in a similar role. Proven track record of performance in similar role and stability on the previous roles shall be the added advantage. 
  • Experience in managing teams, dealing with external Bodies, like Government, Academics, Corporate, Research Bodies etc. 

Senior Manager - Curriculum

Department: Programme Development
Location: Mumbai
No. of Positions: 1

This role requires the person to be responsible for upgrading, innovating and developing curriculum.

Major Responsibilities

  • Conceptualize and develop age-appropriate and need specific content using activity-based learning. 
  • Liaison with research, trainers and program managers to regularly update, customize and revise existing content.
  • Identify specific content experts and support in managing all communication with content experts.
  • Review and edit curricula and other training documents after the curricula writers write and design it & it is ready for publication and dissemination.
  • Ensure high quality and cost-effective translations of all the curricula materials. 
  • Ensure user-friendly books/manuals in all areas of content/curriculum 
  • Map needs, objectives, programme content and assignments into programme designs to demonstrate that the standards are met.
  • Complete assigned curriculum development projects.
  • Respond to the queries of the field team in a collaborative and cooperative manner. 
  • Manage various vendors for outsourcing content writing and translation work. 

Skills Required

  • Masters degree in Social Work/Management 
  • Desirable: The incumbent should have additional qualifications supportive for the role and its requisite responsibilities 
  • 5-10 years in the social sector out of which 4 years must have been in a similar role. Multi-domain experience and a proven track record of performance in a similar role and stability on the previous roles shall be an added advantage
  • Excellent content designing/writing skills. 
  • Knowledge & experience in content development 
  • Understand basic behavioural change theory, child psychology, pedagogy, and andragogy.
  • Knowledge of conceptualizing and developing curriculum in the domain of Education, Gender, Health, Life Skills, Leadership, and Livelihood is desired. 
  • Experience in training content development and training
  • Familiar with social issues like child rights, gender discrimination, education, among others
  • Ability to conduct independent study or research for design and re-designing the programme.

Senior Manager - Impact

Department: Impact
Location: Mumbai
No. of Positions: 1

Magic Bus is committed to using data to improve programme efficiency and effectiveness. To this end, the organization has an independent Impact vertical that is accountable for the measurement of results, and several technical partners who help ensure objective and rigorous evaluations.
You will lead and enable evaluations contributing to review of programmes and establishing proof of concept of the Magic Bus programme both in the Life Skills and Livelihood space. In doing so, you will enable strengthening of the programme and improved impact of the organization. You will leverage the use of data for reporting, fundraising and accountability both internally and externally.

Major Responsibilities

  • Lead on design, execution and leveraging of evaluations of key Magic Bus programmes
  • Develop innovative and rigorous MEL frameworks to capture accurately the change that Magic Bus enables
  • Supporting the Fundraising and Communications team in the use of credible data (both primary and secondary) 
  • Manage projects and partnerships both internal and external
  • Develop and facilitate the development of concept notes/ papers for internal and external audiences

Skills Required

  • A background in Social Sciences with at least 7 years’ experience in MEL, with a strong and demonstrated interest in evaluations
  • Commitment to rigour and accuracy 
  • Proven ability in conducting and facilitating quantitative and qualitative work 
  • Proven ability to mentor and facilitate learning among team members
  • Proven ability in handling challenging partnerships 
  • Proven ability to manage complex internal and external relationships

Trainer and Counsellor - Livelihoods

Department: Livelihood
Location: Mumbai, Dharavi, and Dahanu
No. of Positions: 3

This role requires the person to deliver employability skills, life skills, financial literacy and other work-related training that empowers youth to take up employment or further education.

Major Responsibilities

  • Deliver a structured induction programme to each group of youth starting on the Livelihood programme
  • Lead all training in the Livelihood Centres for the Magic Bus Livelihood programme, which delivers skill training to youth and supports them into jobs and further education placements 
  • Deliver Sports for Development activities to youth using Magic Bus curriculum and in-house, resources to engage youth successfully and enhance their learning
  • Deliver training content developed by Magic Bus National Programme Development Team and tailor this where necessary to the local context whilst ensuring session outcomes are delivered.
  • Ensure training outcomes are achieved in each session and youth receive consistent messages throughout all training interventions
  • Design an effective Livelihood Centre training timetable with the Centre Coordinator and ensure that this is constantly monitored and updated to enable youth to access the training they need
  • Apply and continuously develop innovative training techniques to make training more effective, fun and interactive
  • Undertake comprehensive needs assessments 1:1 with youth to identify their strengths & limitations, training and life skills needs and overall targets for the programme
  • Work in partnership with the Centre Coordinator or specialist career counselors during the needs assessment to ensure youth have the impartial Information, Advice, and Guidance that empowers them to make positive choices about potential careers
  • Act as the lead worker in the first phase of youth’s engagement with Magic Bus Livelihood programme and ensure all youth receive the full and proper offer during this time
  • Using the needs assessment and guidance findings support each youth to draw up a Personal Development Plan that contains the training activities and targets that they will work towards
  • Support youth to achieve the skills training, mentoring and employer activities outlined in their individual Personal Development Plans in partnership with the Placement and Partnership Officers who focus on referrals to employers and training institutions
  • Lead the matching of youth to mentors and support mentors to deliver their roles successfully.
  • Engage and motivate youth positively at all times ensuring youth are aware of their weekly timetables and attend the correct sessions
  • Deliver a sharp focus on all training and counseling contributing to successful youth placement, training or further education and being able to sustain these for 6 months
  • Contribute to mapping institutions (government / NGO/ private and corporate foundations) that provide skills training opportunities in the local areas
  • Monitor youth’s attendance and undertake mid-way performance reviews that assess youth’s progress against their targets
  • Identify and respond to risks that could lead to youth dropping out of the programme.
  • Build strong and trusted relationships with youth from the start of their engagement with Magic Bus.
  • Work with colleagues in the communities to ensure the mobilisation of youth happens effectively and selection criteria are properly implemented
  • Work with colleagues at district and regional level to continuously improve the quality of Magic Bus Livelihood programme and ensure our work is always safe and enjoyable for youth
  • Undertake data collection and reporting duties that demonstrate the effectiveness of the Livelihood programme.
  • Act as a role model at all times demonstrating behaviour that displays the characteristics youth should develop to be successful in their chosen field.

Skills Required

  • Minimum 1-year experience of working with and achieving positive outcomes for disadvantaged 17-25-year-olds or a portion of this age range
  • Direct experience of delivering employability skills and life skills training and achieving positive outcomes with youth
  • Knowledge of Sports Development activities or experiential learning techniques (desirable)
  • Experience of financial literacy training (desirable)
  • Knowledge of Basic Computer and English Speaking Skills
  • Relevant degree or similar professional qualification from a reputed institution
  • Knowledge of youth needs with regard to progressions into work or further education.
  • Experience of need assessment and/or creating personal plans and targets with youth.
  • Experience of either employability skills, job placement, youth development or vocational training programmes either directly or indirectly (desirable) 
  • Experience of working with or managing mentors (desirable)
  • Experience of reviewing progress against individual’s training programme targets
  • Experience of engaging with wider stakeholders in disadvantaged communities including parents, schools, colleges, panchayats
  • Experience of providing guidance to young people on a range of development issues including career or education choices.

Manager - IT

Department: IT
Location: Mumbai
No. of Positions: 1

The role requires the person to be responsible for ensuring successful delivery of projects and IT solutions that satisfy internal customer needs, evaluate and pilot innovative solutions which can address anticipated customer needs along with business stakeholders and apply defined Project Management practices to ensure projects are delivered on time, on a budget, in scope, and are relevant to the business objectives.

Major Responsibilities

  • Responsible for driving mainly the delivery of solution(s) 
  • Work closely with partners, functional and business process teams in planning for requirement capture, development, testing and associated support services
  • Evaluate and prioritize functionalities/development requests basic business need, scope of work, cost, and skill requirements
  • Prepare, manage and drive project plans/charters
  • Responsible for delivering the business solutions as per the agreed timelines
  • Make certain that solution design and delivery meet business requirements and expectations regarding cost, schedule, and scope
  • Govern implementation of all strategic projects and drive mechanisms to ensure successful implementation. Share project status updates with all key stakeholders and highlight any critical delays/impact
  • Define the overall, multi-tier application architecture, select appropriate web technologies, frameworks, components, tools, design patterns and best practices to be used for new project engagements.
  • Proactively identify architectural gaps and weaknesses, and recommend appropriate solutions for existing project engagements.

Skills Required

  • 6-10 years of web-based software development experience in a fast-paced environment, working through all phases of the software development lifecycle
  • Expert level knowledge of web/enterprise application architecture principles, design patterns and programming practices using front-end web technologies.
  • Expert level understanding of UI best practices, design patterns provided/leveraged by various UI frameworks, their usage & application in various scenarios.
  • Expert level knowledge of cross-browser HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AJAX, JSON, SQL, Dot Net or PHP.
  • Experience with JavaScript/UI frameworks such as AngularJS, Ember, Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery, ExtJS, LESS, SASS etc.
  • Experience in developing applications using responsive web design.
  • Knowledge of data visualization libraries (D3, JIT etc.).
  • Experience in any of the following server-side technologies - Java/J2EE, Node.js, PHP, .NET
  • Should have implemented end to end projects (Dot Net, MVC)

Manager - Livelihoods

Department: Livelihoods
Location: Mumbai
No. of Positions: 1

The role requires the person to lead the delivery of the Magic Bus Livelihood programme at district level ensuring youth engaged with Magic Bus complete personal needs assessment, life, and employability skills training and are successfully placed in work or further education.

Major Responsibilities

  • Manage Magic Bus resources (budgets & centers), staff and local partners to ensure the full offer of Livelihood programme is available to youth in the district.
  • Lead a staff team delivering Livelihood programme at the district level and manage all aspects of their performance.
  • Achieve targets at each stage of intervention including mobilisation, needs assessment, skills training delivery and placement in work or education.
  • Support frontline staff to complete comprehensive needs assessment 1:1 with youth to identify their strengths & limitations, training, and life skills needs and overall targets for the programme.
  • Formulate personal development plans for each youth that sets out their training schedule and work or education targets.
  • Provide high-quality career counseling and impartial Information, Advice and Guidance that empowers youth to make positive choices about potential careers.
  • Ensure each new starter receives a structured induction programme
  • Oversee district-level community need assessments and mapping exercises of other stakeholders in the local areas (government / NGO/ private and corporate foundations).
  • Support the Regional Senior Manager Livelihood Programme to implement updates to the Livelihood programme designed by the Magic Bus national Livelihood programme team.
  • Work with the Regional Senior Manager Livelihood programme to ensure staff have the right tools and training to undertake their duties effectively.
  • Ensure district level staff record interventions and activities with youth effectively and data is reported and analysed to improve the quality of work on the ground with youth. 
  • Identify and respond to risks that could lead to youth dropping out of the programme.
  • Work with employers to ensure adequate placement opportunities exist at a local level for youth completing the programme.
  • Broker and maintain partnerships with other skills training providers that can add value to the Livelihood programme by receiving referrals of Magic Bus youth when their offer supports trainees to reach their targets.
  • Monitor the effectiveness and quality of partner interventions and training delivery.
  • Manage mentoring arrangements in the district including matching youth to mentors and supporting mentors as required.
  • Work with colleagues in the Livelihood programme teams at district and regional level to continually improve the quality of Magic Bus Livelihood (employment and training) and ensure our work is always safe and enjoyable.

Skills Required 

  • Relevant degree or similar professional qualification from a reputed institution.
  • Experience of working with and achieving positive outcomes for disadvantaged 17-25-year-olds or a portion of this age range.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience with 2 years managerial experience of frontline staff delivering interventions to youth
  • Budget responsibility and experience of financial and resource planning at local level.
  • Knowledge of youth needs with regard to progressions into work or further education.
  • Direct experience in career counseling and providing Information, Advice, and Guidance to youth across a range of issues.
  • Experience of need assessment and/or creating personal plans and targets with youth.
  • Experience of either employability skills, job placement, Livelihood programme or vocational training programmes either directly or indirectly
  • Experience of reviewing progress against individual’s programme targets
  • Experience of engaging with wider stakeholders in disadvantaged communities including parents, schools, colleges, and panchayats.
  • Experience of providing guidance and support to young people on a range of development issues including career and education choices.
  • Experience of working with partners and being accountable for youth placements

Corporate Relationship Manager 

Department: Livelihoods
Location: Mumbai
No. of Positions: 1

The role requires the person to tie up with and manage the corporate relationship with employers and nurture and grow the accounts.

Major Responsibilities

  • Business Development by tying up with more employers under the PTI project
  • Responsible for good CRM of PTI and MSDF
  • Managing relationships with corporate employers
  • Oversee the progress of implementation of the programme as per the MoU agreed upon with the respective donors
  • Play the role of an effective spokesperson between the Magic Bus and respective donor organizations
  • Custodian of data and analytics with reference to the progress and monitoring of programme
  • Organizing kick-off meetings with project stakeholders both internal and external
  • Ensure seamless communications and management of corporate employers
  • Ensure effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is in place
  • Effective management of programme budgets and transparent reporting back to the MSDF and PTI
  • Coordinate for donor engagement activities
  • Organize project reviews at regular intervals and monitor progress
  • Timely submission of donor reports (financial and programmatic)

Skills Required

  • Postgraduate in management with 9+ years of experience in managing key account/partnerships or business development
  • Experience in overseeing clients and programs Ability to drive complex projects in a timely manner
  • Ability to travel across the Magic Bus markets
  • Entrepreneurial, with high-energy levels and the passion to succeed 
  • Strong networking skills and relationship orientation 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills 
  • Impeccable integrity and high personal ethics 

Team Leader - Corporate Employee Engagement

Location: Mumbai
Department: Individual Fundraising
No. of Positions: 1

Major Responsibilities

  • Responsible to manage first of its kind corporate employee engagement programme related event management
  • Interact with corporate employees and recruit donors and passionate volunteers and sustain the relationship for a long time
  • Develop and nurture a high performing event team and motivate them achieve their fullest potential
  • Manage and nurture the relationship with corporate, apartment complexes and institutions
  • Represent Magic Bus professionally and ethically
  • Agree and achieve target

Skills Required

  • Bachelor/postgraduate degree.
  • 4-6 years of experience in high managing corporate events and experience in interacting with middle and upper middle management people
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (English and Hindi)
  • Demonstrated people management skills- ability to guide, motivate and build high performing team
  • Fair understanding of product development/management
  • Strong filed sales operations management skills
  • The person should be a go-getter, should have tenacity, good interpersonal skills, leadership skills
  • The person should be high on energy and should be able to work under minimum supervision
  • The job is field based and involves travel within the city.

Resource Person (Co-scholastic)

Location: Madhya Pradesh and Mumbai
Department: Programme Operations
No. of Positions: 2

This role requires the person to be responsible for smooth and effective implementation of the Co-scholastic component of the project.

Major Responsibilities

  • Effective delivery of Holistic Development Module with adolescents studying in standard 6th- 8th in the selected schools during school hours
  • Effective delivery of Work Readiness Module in the community with children studying in standard 9th & 10th
  • Coordinate and schedule sessions in consultation with the school authorities as per project proposal
  • Engage with school teachers and headmasters and regularly update them on the project progress in the school
  • Ensure smooth coordination and communication with regards to the co-scholastic component of the project with the school authorities
  • Supervise and provide support to the community coordinators in delivery of Community Connect tool-kit aimed at developing a supportive ecosystem (Parents, SMC Members, Community at large) for the adolescent in the community
  • Support the school authorities in strengthening the SMCs and enabling them to take a proactive part in the school governance
  • Participate in the capacity building programs as per the project design 
  • Provide constant feedback/learning on the basis of implemented curriculum to help refine the curriculum
  • Maintain MIS records as per the prescribed formats
  • Document and provide timely and quality updates and reports to key stakeholders regularly
  • Support and facilitate data collection for monitoring and evaluation purposes
  • Keep oneself updated on all the developments in safety rules and regulation, child rights and protection, and ensuring its integration in programmes
  • Ensure effective communication and reporting upwards and down the line of all matters related to the efficiency and effectiveness of the programme
  • Capacity building of community coordinators from time to time
  • Facilitate/organize/participate in events, visits as required 

Skills Required

  • Graduation in any stream ( MSW/ BSW is preferable) 
  • Past professional experience
  • About 2 years of experience in social sector/ community program or similar field of education and teaching shall be preferable.
  • Basic communication skills (written and oral) in English
  • Good facilitation skills
  • Should be open to field visits both within and outside the city
  • Well versed in local language
  • Must be able to work independently and as part of a team; and with all levels of staff, volunteers and within the school authorizes.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Outgoing and convincing
  • Ability to learn about, commit to, and educate others on program mission and goals.