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Our Culture


At Magic Bus India Foundation, we believe in creating a work environment that is a transformative experience. We are on a mission to empower adolescents and youth from marginalized communities, and we are looking for passionate individuals who share our vision and want to make a lasting impact on the lives of others.


We are Driven by Innovation

With external dynamics constantly changing, we believe it is essential to continually adapt and innovate as an organisation. At Magic Bus we have always pushed our team to grow, learn and upskill. We believe that risk and innovation is our pathway to growth. That’s why, we foster a culture of Risk and Innovation, where every team member is valued for their unique talents and ideas.

We are Diverse and Inclusive

We celebrate diversity at Magic Bus and believe it is the key to our success. We are built on a unique and diverse team that brings in expertise from the non-profit and corporate world. By promoting an inclusive environment, we encourage collaboration, creativity, and mutual respect among our team. We put this into practice as 44% of our staff and 50% of our senior executives are women.


Recognised for Our Culture


Certified as
Great Place to Work®
for four years in a row

Recognised as One of
India’s Top NGOs to
Work For

Awarded India’s Best Employers Among Nation-Builders for two years in a row


Work with Fun


The workplace is our second home, that’s why we make sure we add a dash of fun to work. The team that laughs together, collaborates, innovates and grows together.



Candidates seeking jobs at Magic Bus India Foundation can write to [email protected]

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