Can I cancel a donation that I've made?

For all Indian Donors - Yes, you can cancel a donation that you have made any time up to 30 days after your payment was made. If you decide to cancel a donation after 30 days, we will refund the donation provided the donation has not been used for a charitable project.

For all foreign donors,  once the funds for Donation are transferred, refund of same will not be possible as per Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 (FCRA).

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can ask for a refund for a donation any time up to 30 days after payment was made.


We will send you a receipt for your donation in the post and/or via email, according to your preferences.

Donor Services Contact Information

For any information relating to a donation, please email [email protected] or telephone the Magic Bus Donations Department on 022-62434848 during office hours (9 am to 6 pm Monday-Friday).

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