Success Stories
Success Stories
The New Alchemy ? Walking Down The Magic Bus Boulevard
The New Alchemy ? Walking Down The Magic Bus Boulevard

Magic Bus Intern Priyanka Swami shares her experience of the first Magic Bus session she attended as she went Pilelo-Ho.

“Our time here is magic! It's the only space you have to realize whatever it is that is beautiful, whatever is true, whatever is great, whatever is potential, whatever is rare, whatever is unique, in. It's the only space.” These beautiful lines by Ben Okri were magic to my ears when I saw little kids jumping to 'pilelo-ho' in exuberance. As I walked down the streets of Lal Kuan, the open drains, stuffed structures and an unpleasant picturesque created a filthy aura around me.

Nonetheless, a ground caught my eyes after a while of walking through that street. It appeared to me like an oasis in a long lost desert. Little angel faces with wide smiles made it a valuable path. The scene quite captivated me when I saw young lads and lasses roaring “ho” when the volunteering Didis and Bhaiyas yelled “Pilelo”.

I wasn’t really clear about the term “sport for development” in a sense more than its literal meaning. But this session unclouded my ambiguity as it helped me relate to its application. The purpose of sport to make the little ones learn good habits, manners, etiquettes, etc. was incomparable to many other social tools. Moreover, it also helped them develop as individuals by boosting their confidence and skills.

Small games with bizarre names such as “Taar, Tapaal aur Telephone” and “Bauna, Chudail aur Rakshas” were the highlight of the session where the children through the medium of these games were helped in enhancing their listening and observation skills thus making them more active and vigilant.

Magic Bus does not only make the lives of the little children better but also benefits the volunteers working with the organization. All the members and the volunteers present at the session were glad about working for Magic Bus and this was apparent by the sparkle I could see in their eyes.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” This beautiful line by Ruskin Bond could really make me feel the magic this bus had done to many. It transformed many lives into bigger and better ones.

Twinge in the beginning, bliss at the end.