Success Stories
Success Stories
The Path To Success Has No Shortcuts
The Path To Success Has No Shortcuts

My journey to success was arduous and lengthy. I, Akhilesh Jaiswal, come from a small town in Uttar Pradesh where poverty and a lack of opportunities are the norm. My father worked as a security guard, and my mother was employed by a papad brand. Our family of nine relied on their informal jobs for survival, and as the eldest son, I felt a great sense of responsibility toward my family. I believed that I, too, would have to work in such a job one day.

When I finished the 7th grade, my family and I moved to Mumbai, hoping for better prospects. But with all my sisters getting married, my mother had to stop working, and the financial burden of their weddings put a strain on our finances. I was just twelve years old at the time, but I realized that our family was struggling to make ends meet. Eventually, we had to move back to our hometown.

After completing my 12th grade education, my family and I returned to Mumbai, this time with the hope of finding better opportunities. Although I had a strong desire to support my family financially, my lack of confidence, employability skills, and basic computer knowledge held me back. But I did not give up. I enrolled in an event management course where I could learn on the job and earn a small stipend at the same time. Unfortunately, my dreams of a stable job were shattered when the pandemic hit.

Determined not to lose hope, I began a frantic job search and stumbled upon Magic Bus during a livelihood programme mobilisation drive in my college. I immediately enrolled in the Magic Bus Get Into programme when I realized that it aligned perfectly with my dreams and aspirations. The programme provided me with essential life skills, employability skills, and presentation skills that transformed me both personally and professionally. I even performed in a street play in front of a crowd, which was something that I was too afraid to attempt before.

Under the guidance of my Magic Bus trainer, I learned essential interview techniques, and my confidence grew with time and practice. Soon, I was selected by Wellness Forever Pvt Ltd as a Junior Customer Service Associate. My hard work and dedication earned me a promotion as a Store Inventory Executive and Shift Supervisor, and I was even chosen to train new employees in setting up inventory and maintaining records.

My job at Wellness Forever enabled me to increase my family income, pay for my younger brother's education, purchase a bike on my own EMI, and contribute to household expenses. Witnessing my family's joy and sense of security brought me immense happiness. In the future, I plan to invest in Mutual Funds to secure my family's future further.

My journey has been challenging, but I am proud of my achievements. I have learned that the road to success has no shortcuts. You must climb the mountain to reach the top. You must face challenges head-on, persevere, and believe in yourself.