Success Stories
Success Stories

Aravind's life has been marked by struggles and hardships from a young age. Born into abject poverty, his father abandoned the family when Aravind was just seven years old, leaving his mother to raise him and his younger brother alone. To make matters worse, his mother was diagnosed with cancer soon after.

Tragedy struck when Aravind's mother passed away, leaving him and his brother as orphans. As their relatives refused to take up the responsibility of supporting them, the two brothers had to move to an orphanage. Aravind was determined to change his life and with the support of a sponsor, he and his brother were able to complete their education. Aravind actively participated in various activities and events, including sports and painting, and eventually, he completed his graduation in the field of Automobile (BVO).

After graduation, Aravind faced numerous rejections while searching for a job in his chosen field. However, his perseverance paid off when he discovered the Magic Bus India Foundation through his friends. He enrolled in the Get Into programme which provided him with valuable career guidance and trained him in life skills and employability skills necessary for any job.

Through the programme, he gained the necessary skills and secured a position as a Sales Executive in a reputed company, He expressed gratitude for the practical life skills he learned, which he found more valuable than his formal education. Now, Aravind stands as a testament to his resilience and determination. He has become mentally and financially independent, leading a fulfilling life on his journey towards a bright future. He acknowledges that while the destination may have an end, the journey itself continues, and he attributes his transformation to the magic brought into his life by the Magic Bus India Foundation.