Success Stories
Success Stories
From Darkness to Light: Khushi's Journey of Triumph with Magic Bus India Foundation
From Darkness to Light: Khushi's Journey of Triumph with Magic Bus India Foundation

"In the midst of early marriage, my dreams of a bright career seemed lost. But then, like a guiding light in the darkest tunnel, the Magic Bus India Foundation Livelihood Programme illuminated my path to hope and opportunity," exclaimed Khushi, her voice filled with gratitude and determination.

Khushi's story resonates deeply, representing a stark reality that unfolds in India—a country burdened with the distinction of housing the largest population of teenage brides worldwide, surpassing an astounding 223 million[1], and accounting for one-third of the global total. Remarkably, this occurs despite the legal age for marriage in India being set at 18 for girls. Shocking estimates reveal that at least 1.5 million underage girls are forced into marriage every year, shedding light on the immense magnitude of this issue.

But Khushi was determined not to become just another statistic. From a young age, she harboured a dream of supporting her family by earning her own money. Witnessing the hardships of women dependent on men in her neighbourhood, she aimed to chart her path and break free from traditional gender roles.

However, Khushi’s parents, Azad Hussain (father) and Zarina Khatoon (mother), who hailed from a conservative background, believed that marriage and a husband would provide her with a secure future. Despite all this, Khushi fearlessly chose to defy norms, even after her early marriage to Akhtar Alam, who works at a Mobile Charger Manufacturing Company in Noida. She sought help from the Magic Bus India Foundation to align her future with her dreams and goals.

A Magical Start, Struggle And Success

A pivotal moment occurred when Khushi and her family decided to start anew in Uttar Pradesh, leaving Bihar behind after enduring the hardships of a lockdown. This relocation marked a turning point in her life. Little did Khushi know that the Magic Bus India Foundation would soon weave its transformative magic into her life.

Within a few days of arriving at UP, Khushi discovered the Magic Bus Livelihood programme through a friend and decided to give it a chance. Supported by her husband, she overcame resistance from her in-laws and joined the Magic Bus India Foundation, embarking on her empowering journey.

In just two months, Khushi acquired essential employment skills, while effectively balancing her responsibilities. However, her path to success was not without challenges. As she diligently attended Magic Bus’s Livelihood Programme training sessions, she faced criticism and obstacles from members of her community who disapproved of her ambitions. Undeterred by their negativity, she remained steadfast in her resolve to prove them wrong.

Her hard work and perseverance paid off. Khushi successfully cleared a rigorous interview and secured a coveted position as a Sales Executive at Hishaj Fintech in Noida. This achievement not only symbolises her triumph but also serves as an inspiration to others facing similar obstacles, positioning Khushi as a resilient role model.

Khushi's Journey Shines as a Beacon of Hope
 Today, Khushi exudes confidence and joy as she thrives in her job, a testament to her hard-earned success and the power of the Magic Bus India Foundation's Livelihood Programme.

"The training has had a profound impact on my confidence," shared Khushi with delight.

"Before, I would hesitate when stepping outside, but now I feel incredibly self-assured. The training has equipped me with invaluable problem-solving and communication skills. I've overcome my fear of engaging with strangers and can comfortably navigate social situations. Even with demanding targets and work pressure that often prompt others to leave, I am proud to say I effectively handle the pressure and successfully retain my job. The Magic Bus India Foundation's Livelihood Programme has truly been my guiding light." 

While Magic Bus India Foundation became her guiding light, her inspiring journey serves as a beacon for others, motivating them to overcome obstacles and reach for their dreams. Discover more about our Livelihood Programme. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] 

[1] https://www.unicef.org/media/111381/file/Child-marriage-country-profile-India-2021.pdf