Success Stories
Success Stories

In a quiet suburb of Bangalore, a 23-year-old girl named Priya Dhanush grew up in a family that was employed in the informal weaving business for several generations. The low-income community she belonged to had limited opportunities for career growth, with most people working daily wage jobs to make ends meet. Despite the lack of prospects, Priya nurtured a strong desire to break free from the conventional path and chart her course towards independence and growth.

Completing her education wasn't easy, as the nearest school was more than 10 kilometres away from her home. Refusing to let her determination be dampened, Priya fought against every obstacle in her path and completed her 12th standard. But like most other youths in her community, the lack of guidance left her feeling lost and uncertain about her future.

One day, a family member took her to the Magic Bus India Foundation Livelihood Centre in Malleshwaram. Priya learned all about the Livelihood Programme and felt a glimmer of hope for the first time. Recognising the potential impact the programme could have on her life, she eagerly enrolled in the sessions. The first few days were nerve-wracking for Priya, but as time passed, she began to grasp the true essence of the sessions.

Magic Bus provided a nurturing environment that allowed Priya to express her thoughts and ideas freely. She shared, “At first, I was nervous, but with each session, my confidence grew. The trainers' friendly approach and positive energy made the sessions informative and enjoyable.” Priya slowly began to shed her shyness and her self-doubt was chipped away.

As she delved deeper into the programme, her perspective on life underwent a profound change. “I realised that I could take charge of my own destiny and create the future I wanted, regardless of my background”, she shared. The training equipped Priya with essential life skills and employability skills such as confident communication, self-awareness, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration and interpersonal skills. Engaging videos and mock interview sessions prepared her for job interviews and provided an understanding of what interviewers seek in candidates.

"As an introvert, connecting with people has always been challenging for me. But Magic Bus taught me that stepping out of my comfort zone is the key to unlocking new opportunities and understanding others better." The sessions not only imparted knowledge but also taught her the value of building meaningful relationships and staying connected with people.

"The trainers at Magic Bus were more than mentors; they were role models,” said Priya, attributing her personal and professional growth to the continuous support and encouragement she received from them. Magic Bus was the catalyst that propelled her from a timid dreamer to a confident achiever, breaking barriers and making her dreams come true. Priya now works as a Client Executive in the Quality Check Department at Zest Pvt. Ltd. and inspires other youth in her community to pursue their dreams fearlessly.