Success Stories
Success Stories

India has risen to the third-largest global economy. Despite this progress, financial awareness is severely lacking in our underserved communities. According to the Humanity Welfare Council, 80% of Indian women lack financial literacy, while 62% have limited banking access. This emphasises the urgent need to empower women financially. As India celebrates Independence Day, Magic Bus India Foundation is working to empower women from vulnerable communities and boost India's economic advancement. Here is the tale of a young woman finding empowerment through financial literacy and independence.

In the bustling city of Coimbatore, a young and determined soul named Shruthi G was on a quest to rewrite her destiny. Hailing from a modest family, where her father worked as a cook and her mother sold homemade cleaning items, Shruthi's dreams often felt shackled by the weight of her family’s financial circumstances. With two younger sisters still in school, her neighbours constantly urged Shruthi’s mother to consider marrying her off early and reduce their financial burdens.

After completing her Graduate degree, Shruthi’s life felt like a maze of rejections and self-doubt. Challenges were plenty. "I attended many interviews, but my lack of confidence and skills held me back. I was also very afraid of speaking in public," Shruthi confessed. Amid this struggle, fate's hand reached out through a friend in her mother’s self-help group, who introduced her to Magic Bus India Foundation. A spark of hope was ignited within her heart.

After joining the Livelihood Programme, Shruthi's transformation was set in motion. The programme instilled essential life skills and employability skills like communication, interpersonal skills, collaboration, problem-solving, Financial Literacy, Digital Literacy and more. "I improved my typing and computer knowledge, which now helps me at work. I also understand how to manage my personal finances," she added with a sense of accomplishment.

Mock interviews and mentorship were pivotal in helping her feel ready to take on the challenge of job interviews once again. "Magic Bus helped me conquer my interview fears. I created a strong CV that made me stand out," she said, a smile evident in her words. The result? Shruthi received three job offers, and she chose Apexon for its proximity to her home. "I now work as a Project Associate," she stated, her voice resonating with pride.

She has finally become the strong, financially independent woman she always aspired to be. Looking ahead, Shruthi had clear aspirations. "I want to support my siblings' education and my parents' medical needs," she said. "I wish to buy a new phone for my father," she added with a smile.

Independence was redefined for Shruthi. "Magic Bus helped me gain freedom from low self-esteem and fear. Now, I can financially support my family. My parents are so proud," she said, her tone reflecting the happiness that echoed through her household.