Success Stories
Success Stories
The Birth of a Local Entrepreneur & Changemaker
The Birth of a Local Entrepreneur & Changemaker

In the quiet corners of Khardi Village, nestled in the small town of Shahapur, Thane, a tale of determination and transformation unfolds. Meet Rupali Nipurte, a driven young woman who embarked on a journey of growth, guided by the Magic Bus India Foundation Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP). Her story paints a picture of the power of entrepreneurship, not just for personal success, but as a catalyst for change within a community.

With two young children to care for, Rupali and her husband struggled to support their family with a meagre income of less than 2 lakh a year. Determined to ease her family’s financial woes, Rupali began scouting for ways to earn an additional income. She noticed a gap in the beauty services in her area and boldly embarked on her journey towards entrepreneurship in 2017.

Armed with only a dream and an Advanced Diploma in Beauty, Rupali began by offering beauty services from home, but her lack of entrepreneurial skills and the limited rural clientele resulted in poor earnings. She came across the Magic Bus Entrepreneurship Development Programme through a mobilisation drive and enrolled herself immediately.

The programme introduced her to the dynamics of starting a business, crafting a business plan, identifying a business location, networking, bookkeeping, and marketing. With this newfound knowledge, Rupali devised a comprehensive business plan and with Magic Bus' support, she transformed a rented shop into the vibrant Mrunal Beauty Parlour in 2019.

The programme helped Rupali gain valuable insights and identify new opportunities for growth. She received training in social media marketing, which enabled her to leverage platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook to promote her business effectively. Rupali also took part in the Unnati Business Growth Plan Development Competition hosted by Magic Bus. To ensure a steady income, she incorporated photocopying services and the sale of cosmetics and cutlery for multiple income streams.

As her business began to draw in a high level of profit, she realised the high demand for beauty parlour services and sought out larger premises. Now, Rupali aspires to shift her operations to the main Khardi Market and expand her beauty salon business.

Rupali's impact made waves beyond her own venture. Witnessing the struggles faced by women in her community due to skill gaps, she took it upon herself to ignite the spark of entrepreneurship within other women. Rupali trained four women in beauty parlour skills, empowering them to become self-employed and generate income for their families. Additionally, she further contributed to her community by harnessing her expertise in tailoring to mentor and train over 20 women from a local NGO in tailoring skills.

Rupali’s accomplishments embody the spirit of entrepreneurship. Not only has she secured a brighter future for herself and her family, but she has also become a beacon of inspiration for women in her community, fostering self-reliance and empowering them to follow their dreams.