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Success Stories
Breaking the poverty cycle: Nagma's story
Breaking the poverty cycle: Nagma's story

Meet Nagma, Magic Bus Peer Leader, who fought against all odds to pursue a life of her choice - to be a footballer.

I am Nagma. I am 19-years-old.

This is Darukhana, an area of Mazgaon in the shinning city of Mumbai. It is popularly known for its Ship breaking and Ironworks industries and is packed with dingy tin go-downs, narrow lanes, and factories. I was born and raised here!

As a child, I was never allowed to step outside my house. The streets were not considered to be "safe" for girls in our locality. But, how safe is one's own house, I wonder? I was abused, tortured and beaten at what was supposedly my home.

I didn't want to get married like other girls of my community. I wanted to lead a life of purpose.

When I turned 16, my parents refused to support my studies further. Just when I thought I had to give up my dreams, Magic Bus came along, and with it, the opportunity to be a Peer Leader within my community.

I grew up learning that the playground was a man's domain. After joining Magic Bus, I realised that it could be mine as well. I play for the Magic Bus' football team. It gave me a new lease of life.

fter becoming Magic Bus Peer Leader, I joined Senior College for a Bachelors degree in Science. I don't lead a simple life; there are difficulties, but there is a purpose.

I come from a very humble background. But, my friends never make me feel less in any way. They are my support system.

This is my family. I often feel that we lost out on a lot of time as a family due to the need to keep the kitchen fire burning. It is my desire to bring back that time.

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