Harnessing the power of life skills.
Life Skills Education Life Skills Education

Empowering Young People through Life Skills Education

Magic Bus works with adolescents for their holistic development, to help them thrive in their journey to adulthood. Our activity-based curriculum aims to impart life skills in a fun and relatable manner that makes it easy for adolescents to absorb. We also provide adolescents with support to enhance their basic literacy and numeracy levels and ensure they do not fall behind in their learning. Our interventions also work to build a support system for adolescents by engaging with their entire surrounding ecosystem and raising community awareness about the importance of education. Collectively, these interventions help adolescents overcome hurdles and equip them to complete secondary education.

Life Skills Education


Our Adolescent Programme includes the teaching of life skills like collaboration, creativity, decision-making, communication, assertiveness, negotiation problem-solving, self-management, empathy, and adaptability. These skills enable adolescents to become resilient and show higher self-efficacy in the face of destabilisers like child labour. This is how we ensure adolescents complete their education and are equipped to build a brighter future for themselves.


Education Enhancement


Our Education Enhancement component works to reduce the gap in learning levels of adolescents through basic literacy and numeracy support. Our Academic Educators provide additional learning support to adolescents to build a strong foundation and raise their learning levels as per their Grade expectations. Through interactive sessions and group activities we teach adolescents in a manner that is easy for them to understand and absorb.


Community Learning Centre (CLC)

Community Learning Centres (CLC) cover a wide range of development programmes focused on education and life skills for adolescents from poor urban and rural communities. Tackling Foundational Numeracy and Literacy (FNL) and promoting formal education for adolescents are important aspects addressed by the Magic Bus CLC. The CLC programmes focus on bringing adolescents up to speed on their learning levels, facilitating peer-to-peer learning and providing a safe space for development.

Decreased Learning Interest

Widening Learning Gap

Addressing Learning Needs - NEP 2020

Foundational Numeracy & Literacy (FNL)

Grade Appropriate

Increased Learning Interest

The CLC programme serves as an establishment of a learning system within the communities through linkages with other community education programmes operating in selected urban /rural areas. The emphasis is on poverty reduction through the promotion of education and training in practical life skills.

Community Learning Centres are safe learning spaces that:


Enable continuity
of education

Increase interest
in learning

peer-to-peer learning

Build resilience
through critical life skills

Act as a safety net by
providing a peer support
group for adolescents

(FNL) Foundational Numeracy and Literacy Deliver Models

The Paper-Pencil Model

The Ed-Tech Model