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Magic Bus offers an internship programme to current and prospective students to solve some of the key organisational and social challenges. Join us to get exposure to the inner workings of one of the largest not-for-profit organisations in India. This is your opportunity to learn about core issues in education, gender and employability from a development sector perspective and work on key social and organisational challenges.

The internship programme aims at creating a future talent pool for the development sector. The present skills demand and supply environment requires a focus on strategic skills and livelihoods.

With this in mind, our internship programme provides interns access to workplace skills training and relevant work experience to improve employment opportunities. It not only helps interns gain professional know-how but also benefits the organisation by garnering fresh perspectives on varied professional issues and connecting with future leaders.


Eligibility Criteria

Available for 3 to 6 months to
work up to 40 hours per week

Currently enrolled in a university
or applying to one

Candidates seeking jobs in Magic Bus, can write to [email protected]

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NOTE: Magic Bus provides an equal opportunity workplace committed to offering safety, security, and respect for our programme participants, stakeholders, volunteers, interns and staff members. Please contact our internship representative for guidance and discussions in any area of concern.