HundrEd Announcement
HundrEd Announcement

Equipping government school teachers to impart life skills education and enable the holistic development of adolescents

Through the School Completion and Livelihood Enablement programme, Magic Bus aims to equip adolescents with life skills that help build their resilience, self-efficacy and agency skills. By supporting the holistic development of an adolescent, we enable them to continue their education, attend school regularly, learn better, develop aspirations and set career goals to build better futures.

Need for the programme

As 253 million [1] adolescents in India cross the threshold from childhood into livelihood, only one third of them will have a higher secondary qualification [2]. Of these, only 2 in 5 will have the soft-skills necessary for employment [3] . Today, over 50%[4] of employer’s list life skills like problem-solving, collaboration and communication among the top valued job skills.

Learning life skills empowers adolescents to complete their secondary education, make informed life choices, fulfill their aspirations and lead rewarding lives. These skills also prepare them to be future-ready.

The SCALE programme adopts an innovative and scalable approach to institutionalize life skills education in government schools.

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Programme delivery approach

The SCALE programme is anchored on an educational system and school and community engagement, wherein teachers deliver life skills education in schools covering adolescents from grades 6 to 10. The programme intervention also includes the activation of School Management Committees, outreach to parents, creating peer support structures and community engagement. System level officials and cluster heads are also oriented on life skills, which enables a collective approach to planning and monitoring of trainings and interventions in schools.

Our partners towards scale

In order to mainstream life skills education in line with the new National Education Policy commitments, the programme is supported by four esteemed foundations. From 2019 to 2022, we have built the capacities of over 2000 teachers in more than 1000 government schools and reached over 2 lakh adolescents.

Government Partners

Government of Maharashtra

Government of Mizoram

Government of Rajasthan

Foundation Partners

Our ambition is to take life skills education to nearly 2 million adolescents in the next 3-5 years.

A globally lauded education innovation

The SCALE programme was recently recognised by HundrED as one of the top 100 education innovations out of +3000 entries worldwide.

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Recognised for Impact

Good Sight magazine recently recognised SCALE in its special edition, Champions of Change, which identified the programme as one of the most impactful education initiatives.

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