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Success Stories
Inspiring Change, One Girl at a Time: Kaushalya Jat’s Legacy of Impact
Inspiring Change, One Girl at a Time: Kaushalya Jat’s Legacy of Impact

Meet Kaushalya Jat, a true champion of adolescent empowerment and an inspiration to all. Hailing from Kalidungari village in Ajmer district, Rajasthan, Kaushalya's journey with Magic Bus India Foundation has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Kaushalya shared,Maine bachpan se kafi lengik rudhivadak sochh ka samna kiya hain”(Since my childhood I have faced a multitude of restrictive gender stereotypes that people tried to impose on me). Determined to overcome these obstacles, she kept her focus fixed on her goal. When the time came to pursue higher studies, her relatives vehemently opposed the idea. However, her mother recognized her daughter's potential and championed her cause and convinced her father to grant her the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree.

Upon embarking on her professional career, Kaushalya was disheartened to discover that many young girls in her village had no educational prospects and were trapped in a cycle of endless household chores which eventually led to their early marriage. Determined to make a difference, Kaushalya embarked on a mission to empower these girls.

She conducted a comprehensive survey and compiled a database of girls who had dropped out of school in Ramner Dhani and Khatoli Panchayat. She tirelessly mentored the girls and urged them to resume their education. She sensitized parents to the importance of educating their daughters through home visits and heartfelt conversations.

Seeing their hesitation, Kaushalya decided to find out more about the correspondence courses offered by the Rajasthan Open State Board Office. With her relentless persuasion, she convinced the girls and their families to enrol in the Rajasthan Open State Board.

As a result of Kaushalya's efforts, 50 adolescents, including 20 girls from Ramner Dhani Panchayat, received the necessary support and confidence to return to school and continue their education. Now, she continues to collaborate closely with school SMCs (School Management Committees) and teachers to monitor student attendance and regularity. Through Magic Bus's transformative programmes, Kaushalya extended her reach to 250 families, connecting youth to stable employment opportunities and assisting families in accessing government schemes.

Today, in her role as Project Manager, Kaushalya leads a team of eight Life Skills Educators, overseeing their progress and conducting regular field visits. Her sphere of influence encompasses over 3,528 adolescents and approximately 800 parents. An engaged member of her community, Kaushalya conducts impactful awareness sessions on topics such as the Right to Education, the right to play, menstruation, health, and hygiene.

On National Girl Child Day 2022, Kaushalya's unwavering commitment was acknowledged by the Department of Women Empowerment in Ajmer. She was honoured for her exceptional work in creating a brighter future for women and girls through the Magic Bus Rural Recovery Programme and setting up the Adolescent Resource Centre in Ramner Dhani.

Recognizing the immense potential within her local community, Kaushalya identified and mentored promising young adults to work as Community Coordinators alongside her. These individuals, living in the same villages as her project areas, have blossomed into a second rung of community leaders, working tirelessly to foster a positive environment for adolescent education.

Kaushalya's goal is to ensure the 100% completion of school education among young girls who had to drop out due to challenges such as menstruation, family conditions, or safety concerns. She strives for "zero dropouts from schools," aiming to instil confidence in adolescents, particularly girls. By shattering stereotypes and promoting positive change within her community, Kaushalya endeavours to leave a lasting impact on lives.

As part of her commitment to building a brighter future, Kaushalya mentors local youth, equipping them to provide free tutoring, career awareness, and guidance to adolescents. She conducts regular follow-ups with local panchayats to maximize resources and learning opportunities for the adolescents under her care.

Kaushalya takes immense pride in being a role model for young girls in her community. Many of these girls have expressed their aspirations to follow in her footsteps and create meaningful change in their own lives. With an indomitable spirit, Kaushalya Jat continues to soar to new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless young girls and her entire community.